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Casino Craps
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Games of chance involving "dice" have been around since the dawn of civilization. The earliest dice were probably shaped from animal bone or carved from hardwoods like ebony and oak. We know that Roman soldiers tossed pig knuckles onto their shields more than two thousand years ago in a game some called "bones". But where did Craps come from - and how did it get that name?

Casino CrapsCasino Craps
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Craps - Private Table
Craps - Private Table Play NOW
The casino game of Craps is played with a set of two perfectly balanced dice with each die having six white dots numbered 1 through 6. The game is played by tossing the dice from one of the short ends of the table to the other, making sure that both die hit the opposite side wall of the table. Payoffs are made based on the number combination displayed when the dice come to rest.

Craps - Private TableCraps - Private Table
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    Play and win Craps

    Craps is one of the toughest and annoying games in the world. When you enter a casino, you can see the craps players and recognize them. You will usually find that they are very nervous, just because of the game itself. You need to understand the game well to play and win craps. Most of the players who play the game say I lost $ 500 or $300 or whatever. Unless you learn the game you won’t be able to win.

    The rules are very difficult and you can get confident to play and win craps only after you learn the tricks. You can lose a lot of money if you don’t play the game properly. Quickly it can make a hole in your pocket if you don’t understand the game well.

    Once you learn the rules you can play and win craps. While in a casino, try to grab a table, which has many people. If you require any assistance, then ask the dealer he is there to help you. Keep your hands out of the table and don’t interfere when it is another person’s chance to roll the dice. The bets, which are the best, are the pass line, they don't pass etc. Once you win the game try to take all the money from the table or you could lose it.

    You require patience while playing craps. Money also is a factor, so keep your pockets full. Try to play the odds. Knowledge is very important to win craps. Gamblers love playing this game.